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What i think should be worn on a wensday.

Much like writing, i believe there are no rules in fashion, although i generally leans towards simplistic styles with self expression. I love to play with colours and enjoys combining local prints with western pieces. And for those that know me too well, am pretty sure they know i love denim jackets and anything denim is my obsession.

I think bright colours are best on wensdays because they help me get over the horror of starting a new week and heading towards friday which we all look foward to. Wensday is simply a fun day because one can simply switch from work to having a cocktail with friends, hence your style on a wensday shouldn’t be too formal to deny you these awesome fun times when your friend gives you that phone call.
This is my description of a wensday outfit. 




1 Response
  • Bakari
    September 30, 2016

    i’m so in love with your blog. Its truly an inspiration to my life!!

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