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The new world of Nivichi by Tio.

“What is it?” is a typical form of enquiry we use when we are unaware of something. In Bemba it goes something like “ninshi?” and Nyanja speaking people have it like “nicha?”. The Tumbukas on the other hand ask “nivichi?” Put a capital letter on it and make it a Noun. Better yet, a brand; which is exactly what Tio has been up to.

Last year we learned that Tio has a deep love for Tokyo street fashion, and African spirit, we also learned that his self-awareness is not defined by society’s standards. So what better to represent ones love for fashion and passion than through fabrics and textures?

‘Nivichi’ at its basic, is a collection of deep African with a hint of Tokyo street fashion, paying homage to Japan. At its core, it’s a collection for the self-aware outcast, the rebel that is not defined by society’s status quo.

Its season starts in March 2017, following its official launch on 6th December 2016 at the Annual Bwana Dee Fashion show and its inception back in November 2014. 

Tio Nason

Kama Simbeye



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