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Review -See why the Infinix Hot S is the next big thing 

​Usually when I want to get a phone, I already know what to expect because I would have been aware of the features from youtube videos before purchasing it, but when I got this one, I knew nothing about it. Being so particular with picture quality,the first question i asked myself was “what are the megapixels of the back and front camera?
I decided to open it first and take a look and I was in for a shocking discovery.

In my exciting mood, i turned on the phone and the interface was very user friendly, I could find my way around it and before I knew it, it had become my new favourite thing as I settled down to discover all the inbuilt apps and shortcuts.
For someone who loves pictures and i went straight to the camera and child did I fall in love? The selfie camera was sharp and clear as crystal as it has an 8 MP wide-angle camera with a soft LED flash. The back camera with its 13 MP was even better! I decided to take it out for a spin and captured so many amazing images that I got questions and compliments like ‘What phone is that? The camera quality is so good’,and ‘I love your phone’s selfie game, it is amazing!’ i should say my instagram and facebook was on fire.
The best part of the specs for me is the Fingerprint technology. The Infinix Hot S allows you to unlock, take pictures and what’s not with a one touch fingerprint sensor. It also allows you to put in up to 5 fingerprint signatures.I totally love this development as it offers me maximum privacy to all my deets.
The memory is also considerably alright, 16 GB in-built memory and an up to 128 GB memory card slot available.
One of my fave things about the phone is, when I receive a call, it does not disrupt my phone activity which means that I can multitask when I have an incoming call with my headphones plugs on and still do other things on it, just how cool is that.
The other thing I noticed was that despite the size, the Infinix Hot S,can neither be described as heavy nor light but instead, it is perfect for handling especially if you’re a writer like me that likes to read and type things out on the go. The shape and size makes it easy and portable to carry in my hands or put in my pocket and its light weight also just makes it one of my favourite handsets used this year.
Did I also mention that just for 1470 Kwacha you will have this phone? Why spend so much on getting another when you can do everything you need to with the Infinix Hot S. Go out there and grab yourself this cool fashionable smart phone.
Checkout these awesome pictures i took on the handset.

Go get yourself this cool mobile phone.



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