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How to wear a blazer with jeans.

​Jeans and blazer have been around for generations and if you’re planning on merging these two iconic pieces together then you’ve got to do it right. The blazer needs to fit you perfectly, as do the jeans, and the materials and colours need to compliment one another. There are various combinations you can go for.

If you’ve got just one blazer in your wardrobe, it’s most likely going to be a black one, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s one of the most traditional and versatile blazers, and adds a touch of sophistication to basically anything it touches. If you’re planning on matching it with jeans though, things become a little trickier. The stark contrast between the black of the blazer and the blue of conventional jeans can be a little intense, and give a blocky, top heavy look.

A way out of this style predicament is simple, and just involves getting the right shade of jeans for your blazer. Obviously the darker the shade the better, as the contrast will be less intense and give a more streamlined look. Try jeans in a dark shade of blue, making sure there isn’t too much fade or texture to them. You can also try out dark grey or black jeans, but again keep the textures subtle and avoid heavy washes or fades.

Below i have listed a few to suit a range of looks.



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