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Hair Inspiration – Dookie braids #WCW

​The dookie braids is a popular hairstyle, at first you might not be familiar with this term since we are africans but those in diaspora refer to the extremely big braids as dookie. The dookie braids is a very popular style that dates back to the 90’s, then it used to be mistaken for dread locks since it hung freely.

The present day dookie braids are definitely next level, and you can pull it off anytime or any place. Here are 6 dookie braids styles that wuld motivate you to get it done;

1. Loose Dookie
This is the original version of a dookie braid hairstyle, it is loose yet thick and lush, what makes this hairstyle much more attractive is the flawlessly styled baby hair.

2. Side Part Hairstyle
Wearing braids freely can be inconvenient but a side part is a much more convenient way to style your braid, this hairstyles looks better because of the beads which creates a artsy look.

3. Highlights
Braids are attractive, yes! but when they are put together in the most creative way like the blonde highlights below, they make for a unique finish.

4. Pull-Back
Styling your dookie braids can be as easy as this pull back, I love the simplicity and the sophistication of this simple style on my girl friends.

5. Light
Trying new colors should be a must for those of you who have never tried other attachment colors other than black. The light brown look is good for almost all dark skin tone, you should try that.

6. Bob
Sometimes the bob might look like a stressful hairdo but imagine the possibilities. The simple wrap has already thought you to try this hairstyle.

Take a look at the rest..

Something to make you laugh, and should never happen to kids.

The smallest girl’s facial expression killed me lmao!



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