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All you need to know about Onechi Lwenje

The poet that didn’t know he was a poet.
Landing his first big break at 13, Onechi has grown to become a visionary film actor, writer, director and producer among the few in Zambia.

On his journey, Onechi has had to endure the challenging norms, pettiness and obstacles which have made him question the art. However, he came to the realization that the dream is worth it.

According to him, Zambia is only beginning to appreciate the art. But he believes that with so much support from around the world, Zambia will have an Oscar and a Spielberg. Better yet, Zambia will produce a Spielberg.

Onechi is currently working on a new entrepreneurship show called shift that will be the screens soon.

“Even better things are coming. Leave your mark on the world, if that’s what you were born to do! Dreams birth reality” he concludes.



2 Responses
  • Gift Casmic Phiri
    April 18, 2017

    Great Inspiration, part of his life is an inspiration to me. He has class, great authenticity in his work.

    He is the Next Danzel Washington.

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