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5 things you should expect from your lover.

It’s not easy to determine the thnigs you can sensibly demand from your significant other. Partners needs to start establishing the very basics and the things they should definitely ask for from their relationship. Continue reading to see things you have a right to expect from your other half.

1. Physical Affection

Your partner might be expressing his love in form of words, actions or even both. But physical love and affection like holding hands, hugging or kissing will always be one of the most important aspects of any romantic relationship. Your partner is suppose to love you as a person and like seeing you, touching you or professing their love for you in a way that can reach your heart.

2. Respect

A good partner will always respect you as a person. He might disagree with you in some situations but it will never result in ridiculing or calling you names even if it is teasing. A respectful partner will admire your strength and embrace all your weaknesses.

3. Compassion

You should always expect your partner to be your comfort when you are going through a bad time, feeling hurt or when life is not going your way. Your partner should be there to give you strength, patience and remain amiable with you when you are in pain.

4. Consideration

Good partners should remain considerate about how their behaviour which affects each other. You shouldn’t expect your partner to give you every single thing you ask for or things you want them to do, but what they owe you is the courtesy of considering situations from your point of view. If your partner does not consider your feelings and emotions, then you need to re-evaluating the relationship.

5. Intimacy

Intimacy does not relate to sex, intimacy is when you allow yourself to be known and also feel the desire to know your partner. When you know your partners heart and soul is when intimacy begins.



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