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5 Essential Fragrances for a stylish man.

A really good men’s fragrance speaks volumes about the man’s style (not to mention it can be such a huge turn on for a woman that it does half the work of wooing her!). 

I have done some research and come up with a list of colognes that are not only alluring but define a man’s style – after all a fragrance is that invisible accessory that completes an ensemble. Any of these fragrances would be a great inclusion to a collection and perhaps offer temptation away from a single, signature scent.
Tobacco vanille by Tom Ford

This fragrance was created by Tom Ford in 2007. Tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruits, tobacco and woody notes were used to make this luxurious scent that evokes an English gentleman. It is available in 50ml and 100ml. I personally love this rich fragrance.


Black Afgano is part of the Nasomatto perfume collection which was created by Alessandro Gualitieri. Although it’s on the top 100 best fragrances list of all time, some people argue its scent is quite overwhelming. It comes in a 30mL and costs $349. I haven’t had a whiff of it yet but I’m curious to know if any of you have tried it out, I need your thoughts on it. Is it worth all that money?

 Eau Fraiche is a 2006 reinvention of the original Versace Man by Olivier Cresp. It has an fresh, aquatic yet masculine vibe to it, just like its clear blue bottle. It comprises of woody, lemon, bergamot, rosewood, rose, cedar, tarragon, sage and pepper, amber, musk, and saffron notes. Versace Eau Fraiche was created in 2006. My brother is absolutely in love with this perfume anfI do the occasional sneaky spritz!



Givenchy Gentleman is a Woody fragrance for men launched by Paul Leger in 1974 for the House of Givenchy. Like the name suggests, it has a very masculine scent. It’s a blend of honey, cinnamon, bergamot, rose, lemon, tarragon, patchouli, orris root, jasmine, cedar, a bit of leather, amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vanilla, vetiver and civet notes. It’s also a standard men’s favourite, great for any fragrance collection.


 Gucci Guilty is a globally award-winning perfume that’s been proclaimed as the “scent of seduction for the 21st Century”. This sizzling scent was created by Frida Giannini for the House of Gucci. Its a mixture of sensual notes such as green coriander, lavender, orange blossom, neroli, patchouli, cedarwood and aromatic notes. Lots of young men and women have been perceived to find the scent very provocative and addictive. I think it is pretty sexy. Do you?



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